Coffee Realtor is for Real Estate Blogger!

As I Farhan Rasheed started blogging on Real Estate way back in 2003 when no other blogger from India had thought of an idea to blog on Real Estate and since then been dominating the position of the No.1 slot in this blog category. From the start, I have always strived hard to really write a good content on housing as I personally value my blog readers and their intention to read my blog on realty sector. I want to do a lot more than what have done so far for the home buyers, The Builders and The Real Estate Agents of India.

Reason for Rebranding

I did a lot of things to improve my writings and consistently upgraded my knowledge on this industry but today, I personally realize that all alone can't be able to make a drastic change on real estate domain and thought of an idea to improve more on real estate blog in my platform

The Idea behind Rebranding

The only way to improve real estate blogging is getting more bloggers on board for improving the quality of blogs in this industry as well as the increase in the frequency of property blog updates. Then came to my mind why will someone write for blog which is tagged with my personal name in it. I decided, let's change the brand name staying connected with my history when rebranding my blog. I worked on hundreds of names but ended up unsatisfied, I understood that there is a need to think out of "Real Estate" as I couldn't find domain names available with.Com extension followed by social media accounts with the exact match in the username.

How the Idea of Coffee Realtor came to my mind?
when I was googling for the combination of brand name, I came across with a campaign article by the government of India themed "Coffee Par Soch" meaning think on coffee. I immediately went and made a cup of pure Filter Coffee which is processed and grown in our own Coffee Estate located in a Village called Arehalli in Hassan District Karnataka to relax and rethink on the brand name while I drink coffee. Oh, it's coffee, What a Real Estate and Coffee idea, I was born in for a family who grows coffee and who owns coffee estate why don't I think of branding "Real Estate Blogger" connecting Coffee and Real Estate together. Then came to my mind the word "Coffee Realtor" and in no time I registered the domain name and blocked all social media names and today made this brand name online.

Even though the domain name is registered and up online will continue to post Real Estate Blog's on the domain name, There will be no changes in the address of the blog. I'm just rebranding the logo and name on the current domain name.

Happy Reading my Real Estate Blog's

Have a Cup of Coffee!

Farhan Rasheed
Coffee Realtor ( Real Estate Blogger)

Note: Coffee Realtor is a registered trademark of Unauthorized use of the brand name is strictly prohibited.


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